Art Education Fund

Since 1986, the Governor Wentworth Arts Council has awarded nearly $65,000 to area schools and libraries. This includes funding for enrichment opportunities such as trips to museums, concerts or performances, artist-in-residence programs, or school assemblies. The five town libraries each receive an annual $100 grant to be used for arts programming or for art-related books, media, and more.

We have been providing support for arts programming in our schools since 1986.  To date, our financial support totals nearly $58,000. In the past, these funds came solely from the proceeds of “Artists in the Park” our juried fine art and crafts fair which we sponsored for 34 years. We have recently developed new events and programs such as “Paint Wolfeboro” and the upcoming MASTER CLASS series that provide the revenue to further our mission of enriching the cultural environment, stimulating interest in the arts and assisting local artists and craftspeople. As arts programming in local schools has increased, GWAC has seen a greater need for arts funding among other area organizations and individuals.

Beginning in 2018, the Governor Wentworth Arts Council has discontinued its annual awards to district schools and began the Art Education Fund. The Fund widens the traditional scope of GWAC funding, expanding the applicant pool to include individuals, local businesses, and other organizations. The awards must still be used for art educational purposes, including: residency fees, sponsoring a student, offering a new class, workshop materials, etc. This does not include undergraduate or graduate level coursework in the arts; applicants interested in funding for undergraduate or graduate coursework may apply to the Priscilla Hodges Scholarship Fund.

The Art Education Fund opens in January and applications close on April 15th. Awards are granted on a rolling basis; if the entire fund empties before December, the season’s grant cycle will end. Applicants are encouraged to apply early.

There is no limit to the number of times an individual or organization may apply, however, preference is given to diverse projects. Successful applications are creative, show an understanding of project reach and measures of success, and are concise. To apply please fill out the online application or mail the application document to GWAC Grants Coordinator, PO Box 1578, Wolfeboro, NH 03894.

All questions may be directed to the Grants Coordinator Rebecca Bense,

Application for Art Education Fund