Priscilla Hodges Fund and Scholarship Application

The Priscilla Hodges Scholarship Fund was established in the late 1980’s in the memory of Melvin Village resident artist Priscilla Hodges Saunders. She was an early member of the Governor Wentworth Arts Council who studied and painted local landscapes and New Hampshire points of interest. She attended special artists’ workshops around the region in her desire to continually expand her artistic knowledge and painting skills. Her enthusiasm and abundant energy encouraged and inspired many others to do the same. It is in this spirit that this Scholarship Fund is offered today.

It is administered by the Governor Wentworth Arts Council and is designed for adult applicants in the Lakes Region who wish to enhance their art education by participating in a special fine art workshop, seminar or a continuing education course. Individuals may apply in writing to: The Priscilla Hodges Scholarship Fund, Governor Wentworth Arts Council, PO Box 1578, Wolfeboro, NH 03894. Applications are also available on the GWAC website : and in the local art galleries in Wolfeboro. Since 1999, the Scholarship Fund has dispensed $6525 in monies to its applicants. After completeion of their workshop or course, applicants are asked to speak to the GWAC members about their experiences and perhaps show examples of their work.

More recently, this fund has expanded to partially underwrite artists’ workshops taught locally covering such areas as watercolor, acrylic and oil painting as well as drawing and pastel painting seminars. Since 2005, twelve workshops have been held with great success.

General inquires about the scholarship fund should be directed to The next workshop will be announced in 2019.

Download the following link for a Scholarship Application for funding:


The following are recipients of the funds to pursue their arts education:

PHS Scholarships
7/25/99 Judy Brenner $400
1/24/00 John O’Connell for Eva Williams $180
11/7/00 Charlene Lehto for Kathryn Caraway $160
4/5/01 Judith Waldron $95
8/20/02 NH Institute of Art for Lynn Willscher $250
1/16/03 Carolyn Smith $225
9/18/03 MadelynAlbee $300
1/9/04 Muscat Studios for Judy Brenner $300
3/6/04 Norman Royle for Marion Bloomster $200
9/20/04 Sandy Martin $350
7/14/05 Charlene Lehto $25 Marion Bloomster $25 Valerie Christle $25
11/4/06 Sky Song Pottery for Holly Clause $195
8/15/07 NH Institute of Art for Corina Willette $500
6/15/09 Adeline Goldmine-Tronzo for Judy Brenner $200
1/9/10 Sandy Martin for Kate Heckel $240
10/12/10 Corina Willette $500
7/4/13 Sandy Martin $500
3/15/16 Corina Willette $500
1/12/17 Elizabeth Helfer $500
9/8/17 Emily Marsh $355
1/2/18 Corina Willette $500Total to date: $6525
Scholarship Fund established in 1990 (PHS passed in 1986)
Recipients must wait at least 2 years before reapplying for funds * in Guidelines.
Below is a list of Workshops presented by the Priscilla Hodges Scholarship committee: