Elma Fabiana Caudle

Elma Fabiana Caudle enjoys painting with acrylics, and pencil drawing, and she has been painting since early age. ThroughoElma Fabiana Caudleut her life she was able to travel the world and through these beautiful and interesting places she developed a unique living experience. During her travels she kept those beautiful landscapes in her mind, and those memories are now reflected in her paintings. Elma has also found inspiration in her current home highlighting the beautiful scenery of the White Mountains and the Lakes Region.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Elma is also deeply connected to family roots are in Italy, Spain and Germany. When visiting New England 25 years ago she fell in love with the area, so she settled her heart here, in New Hampshire. She now lives in Ossipee, NH with her love Bill and daughter Julianna. In her studio she also enjoys watercolors, stones and pottery painting, and she is an outstanding cook! She currently works as a Language interpreter, and speaks different languages, and she will be getting her Bachelors in Law in August 2016.


Elma paints to bring calmness to the eyes, peace to the heart, and fulfillment to the soul. She truly believes in the power of healing through art and she dares to combine colors and landscapes in a graceful and meaningful way. Elma, a member of the GWAC, has a plethora of upcoming exhibits around New Hampshire in 2016, and is already filling up her schedule for next year.

Calming Seasons Art


Covered Bridge, NH.  Acrylic 8×10.  Painted on site during the foliage season in New Hampshire.

Elma Covered Bridge

Collierville Park, TN. This painting is on a panel canvas. Acrylics. Both are 11×14. In black and white.

There are some mysterious faces hiding in the trees.

Elma Tree

Conway Lake, NH. This painting is a 8×10, mounted in a 11×14 Mahogany frame.

Conway Lake, during the winter with a beautiful view of the Mt. Washington

Elma Beach