Robert Grassi

Robert Grassi says he feels very fortunate to be able to live in an area of such natural beauty which changes not only seasonally but daily. He finds himself constantly challenged to seek out a unique view of his surroundings and attempts to communicate both the vision and emotions generated by these experiences.

His photograph ‘The Embrace’ depicts two posts entwined by rope, as he envisions two lovers dancing. It was captured at the Wolfeboro town docks early one morning.

Robert (Bob) Grassi
25 Blackberry Lane
Wolfeboro, NH 03894

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The Embrace

Digital photo
16 inches by 20 inches



Passage to Dawn

Taken in Back Bay, Wolfeboro
8 inches by 10 inches



Loon Portrait

Taken on Lake Wentworth, Wolfeboro
Digital photo
11 inches by 14 inches