Robert E. Simmons

Digital photography — including manipulation on his computer — is the medium of choice for Robert Simmons, When a shot isn’t quite what he had hoped, he uses PhotoShop to enhance it or produce abstract art out of what otherwise would have been a mundane image. He admits, “Sometimes it works; sometimes it does not.”

Simmons doesn’t concentrate on a specific subject matter. He just loves shooting moments and sharing them. If asked what inspires his shots, his answer would have to be “everything.” His goal: to capture things from a unique perspective.

Simmons describes himself as self-taught with a lot to learn. What he’s learned from his experience to date is to take advantage of life’s everyday moments to hone his craft. A simple photo taken at a birthday party or during a snowstorm can be an invaluable learning experience.

Robert E. Simmons
PO Box 1382
Wolfeboro, NH 03894

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Simmons docksDocks

Taken at town docks

Wolfeboro, New Hampshire



Simmons 81Blue Boat

Taken on a sunny, blue day








Simmons 77Light House

Coast of Maine