Robin Cornwell

The common thread through my work has always been printmaking. Stamping, stenciling and silk screen printing have been my favorite forms of image making since elementary school. The inspiration for my prints comes from nature and especially the flowers in my gardens. Hundreds of photos are taken with many enlarged to show just a close up, abstract view of the flower. The beauty of the curves, symmetry and patterns are what I like to capture in my work. From these images I create some drawings, then translate those into hand carved rubber stamps and stencils. Quite often I will also pull right from nature by printing with actual leaves. Prints can be made from a small geranium leaf to a large cabbage leaf. My dyed fabrics are my canvas, the rich, bright hues melding and contrasting with the bold prints. Usually a project will start as multiple prints on cloth and then slowly grow to a finished work. There is never a real plan, just a color scheme or a special print and the rest just evolves!

“Growth” Art Quilt – 44 x 27 – $350                 Close up

I helped to make masks for the local community in the beginning of the Pandemic and thought I should make an art piece about that group of people.
“Maskmaker, Maskmaker, Make Me A Mask” 26 x 38 $375

I used real leaves from my vegetable garden to make most of the prints and also carved stamps of a kale leaf and a tomato.
“Garden Bounty”   35 x 37   $325