Sandy Hammond

Sandy Hammond, a graduate of the Boston Museum School of Fine Art, lives and works in Alton where she produces figures made from polymer clay, cloth, wire, beads, mohair, leather and any other materials that may be appropriate. Each figure is completely handmade, including the clay heads, hands and feet (which are painted with oils), plus the design and construction of the bodies, costumes and wigs.

Hammond has also been designing and making bead embroidery pieces called “Razzle Beadazzles.” She begins with an idea of a 2-D figure and makes a clay face which is sewn onto white felt inserted in an embroidery hoop. The figure is drawn on the felt and then that image is covered with tiny seed beads by sewing each one on separately. It’s like a painting done with beads. When finished, each figure is sewn onto black velvet and framed. Hammond has used this technique on handbags she has designed and made as well.

Sandy Hammond
181 Rines Road
Alton, NH 03809

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Gospel Singers





Iris Bag and Poppy Bag

Fabric and beading with embellishments
From the Razzles Beedazzles line