Sue St. Hilaire

Repurpose for a Purpose

In my quest to find the highest return for the charities I donate these to, I’ve found home and garden tours make by far the most on them.  I create a piece for the theme of each home or garden and raffle tickets are sold to win them.  Buckets are placed at point of sale, beside the piece in the garden and at the luncheon after the tour for customers to place their tickets and often by more at the luncheon.


This has roosters inside for a farmhouse theme and a puck light placed underneath
the base will illuminate up through the piece.

This is a lighthouse for a coastal look and is also reversible in that the white base can be used for an ice bucket or large serving bowl.
This suits an antique home with two revolutionary soldier figurines and a puck like
can be placed under it and illuminate up through it. I also have Victorian pieces,
ultra modern, traditional, log cabin etc.